My Favorite Things

Listen, I know this blog is called Little Baby Sad Sack and I’m writing about all kind of very real, sad things but I feel like I need to break it up a bit so you all don’t avoid this shit because you know it’s going to make you cringe and feel weird every time.  (Personally, I love cringing and feeling weird all the time but that’s just me.  Thanks for pointing that out, Rachel!  “You love to be embarrassed!”, you once said to me.)  

Yes my life has been rough, yes a lot of my days are a struggle to get through.  But you know what, so was Oprah’s life.  Sure, she brought us the monster that is Dr. Phil and that uncomfortable interview with Tom Cruise but you know what else she brought us?  HER FAVORITE THINGS.  Before the whole “You get a car, you get a car, you get a car!” amazing pop culture reference we can use FOREVER, for years she would do a Christmas special of her favorite things and give them away to the audience and it was goddamn thrilling.

Unfortunately I am not the Oprah of Cleveland, so I can’t give you anything but I can tell you the things that bring me serious joy!  (Don’t worry, freaks, next post I’ll delve more into my fucked up life)

I stole this image off the internet


Nary a day goes by that I do not listen to a podcast.  I know most of the things I know in life because of podcasts.  I love talk radio and I rarely listen to music because sometimes melody creeps me out  and makes me feel weird.  I wish I was a music person.  I feel like music people are probably better than me.  They have a special place in their head that they can hear things I can’t.  Don’t even get me started with musicians, I don’t understand them at all and I deeply envy that drive.  I’ve only ever gotten lost in a drum beat while very high and then my friend had to pull me away from a speaker I was dancing with.  Don’t get me wrong , I do love music but my musical taste is the equivalent to a Big Mac.  I only ever want pop music along the lines of Celine Dion, disco in general and whatever else makes you want to shit your pants.  So anyways, these are a few of my favorite podcasts:

What’s The Tee? with RuPaul and Michelle Visage  I seriously wait for this one to come out I love it so much.  I could listen to them talk forever.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert  Season Two just ended and I am soooo sad about it.  I love Elizabeth Gilbert.  She wrote Eat, Pray, Love.  It’s a good book, just don’t watch the movie.  This whole podcast is about helping people with the creative process and it is so inspiring and fun.  She is someone that you want to be your best friend. She is kind and funny and weird and deeply generous.  This podcast has been a little gift to me and helped inspire me to continue this blog.  My only criticism is the opening music is really terrible.

RISK! This one is like the Moth meets Mortified.  Sometimes the stories make me physically ill and sometimes I laugh super hard.  I like the host a lot, he’s such a weirdo (used to be in The State) and kind of joyful to listen to if you can warm up to his boisterous voice.

On Being with Krista Tippett and also  Tara Brach   These are two podcasts I love but I never actually listen to because the women that host them have such soothing voices I usually fall asleep within the first 5-10 minutes of playing them.  Still winners in my book.  The less Benadryl I have to take before sleep the better.

Lastly, I love any podcast that is going to tell me everything I need to know about a subject that I am too lazy/stupid to educate myself on in depth myself.  So the entire How Stuff Works series of podcasts, The Cracked Podcast, TED Radio Hour, Freakanomics Radio are all great.  Happy listening!



Speaking of Benadryl… it’s one of my favorite things.  I know, I know.  I wouldn’t say I abuse it but maybe I do.  Having a sneezing fit because you have too many cats?  Take a benny!  Feel sad and need to slow down your racing thoughts? Take a benny!  It’s too late to drink yourself into a stupor and the meditation podcast isn’t working?  Take a benny!  Really bored and just need to leave the world and visit another plane of existence that doesn’t involve you being fully conscious?  Take a benny!  All of the above?  Take 2-3 benny’s but no more than that because you won’t wake up until 3pm the next day but you will have VERY clear sinuses.  I’ve tested this on myself.

Listen I know studies have shown that frequent use of this medication can possibly lead to dementia or something but sometimes you just need to make yourself a little more comfortable in life and you don’t have that much to lose.



Honestly, I probably would have off’d myself by now if it wasn’t for this ice cream.  Please note that it is a Target exclusive flavor!!  You can only find it there.  Last night I just discovered adding a scoop of peanut butter on top of the ice cream and I feel lots of complex feelings about that.  One) how did I go so many years and not do that?  Two) why did I do that?  I’m fucked eternally now.  Three)  Is it possible to have too much peanut butter action in your world that you cancel your pleasure center for it out?

I will let you know.



I love overcast days.  Fuck sunshine.  It makes me nauseated and way too aware of my face.  I never understand people that are like boo hoo it’s raining, now I can’t kayak or go for a hike.  I feel like FUCK YES now no one will ask me to go kayaking or on a hike with them!  LET’S GET COZY, MUTHERFUCKERS!!  I always want to be cozy and a little sleepy like a goddamn baby that just orgasmed in her pants and has a belly full of endless pasta and breadsticks.  I can do outdoorsy things and most of the time after I force myself to I am happy I got out of my comfort zone and did something but what I really really want to do is just listen to a thunderstorm on a gray day and then close my eyes and fucking die.



Alright, I’m done for today.  Have to go and try to find my bliss.  LOL.  byeeeeee.





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